Sheyenne River Valley (part 2) Sheyenne River Valley (part 1) Random shots 2016 Western Minnesota, March 2016 Milton, ND. October 21, 2016

Sheyenne River Valley (part 2)

Part two of our trip near Valley City, ND

Sheyenne River Valley (part 1)

Another trip through along the Sheyenne River north of Valley City, ND found some interesting stops.

Random shots 2016

A few random shots I took throughout the year that don’t fit in their own post

Western Minnesota, March 2016

This trip spanned two weekends driving along Highway 75 and Highway 9 between Moorhead and Crookston, MN.

Milton, ND. October 21, 2016

We took a quick trip in the Milton area and found a couple places we hadn’t seen before.

Ryan didn’t take a picture

because it was too late. The school in Milton, ND was always a desire of mine to shoot. Now it’s been pushed down and hauled to the dump. Fifteen years ago, the bell rang for the final time as the Class of 2001 became the last students to pass through the high school in Milton. […]

Mountain, ND

A quick trip up to the Mountain, ND area uncovered this interesting farm house with an addition you don’t normally see: an entire tree leaning against the side over the roof.

Lawton, ND

Aneta, ND (part 2)