Shooting old school.


My dad gave me his old film cameras, a Pentax Spotmatic and a Pentax Spotmatic F. It was an interesting challenge to shoot in full manual, with the only feedback coming from the camera was an exposure meter, and having to wait weeks and months to see how the pictures turned out. Also knowing that I get 24 opportunities instead of the 1000s I can store on an SD card means I need to be more careful and specific about what I shoot. This was the better shots out of the two cameras.

Cuba, Peak, and Embden, ND. December 27, 2014 (part 2)


After the walk through the Cuba farm we headed to the former town of Peak along with Embden.


Cuba, Peak, and Embden, ND. December 27, 2014 (part 1)


There weren’t many opportunities to go shooting over Christmas break this year. One day we were able to get out in the Valley City area and tour near Cuba and Peak, ND.

Christmas 2014


The weather wasn’t very friendly while visiting my home town over Christmas break, so I decided to shoot some indoor pictures.