2015 June

Near Vang, ND (part 2)

Down the road from the first farm we visited there was an abandoned schoolhouse on the edge of the field.

Near Vang, ND (part 1)

This weekend it was suggested that I should visit this farm between Langdon and Vang, ND. So my wife and I drove up to check the place out. The highlight of the trip was the 1950s-era GMC military 6×6 truck that had been converted into a snow plow, but it didn’t look like it had […]

Fog moving in

After a day of non-stop rain, the sky cleared up just as the sun was setting, warming the ground enough to form fog in a low creek bed.

Little Star Theatre – Milton, ND (part 3)

Initially, The Star Electric Theatre showed silent films using live piano, player piano, and a phonograph to provide music accompaniment until 1931 when it was remodeled, complete with a sound system that could play “talkies”. “Parlor, Bedroom & Bath” was the first sound movie shown at the theatre, which played movies until 1974. Updated projectors […]

Little Star Theatre – Milton, ND (part 2)

Throughout the years, as people gave their performances on stage, it became tradition that they would sign the back of the curtain. More recently that tradition changed to cast members signing a poster with the details of their performance.

Little Star Theatre – Milton, ND (part 1)

I got the chance to visit the Little Star Theatre recently, while they were preparing for their annual children’s play. According to the region’s history book A Century of Area History, “The Star Theatre” was built in its current location in 1916 after operating in a different building for the previous two years under the […]