Ryan didn’t take a picture


because it was too late. The school in Milton, ND was always a desire of mine to shoot. Now it’s been pushed down and hauled to the dump.

Fifteen years ago, the bell rang for the final time as the Class of 2001 became the last students to pass through the high school in Milton. Unexpectedly, the building was torn down last week. Community members felt disappointed at the destruction of a building that touched so many in the area. Kids who attended the Milton-Osnabrock schools no longer have the anchor that helped define much of their childhoods. Yellow construction equipment is all that remains where the main part of the school stood.

Opened in 1920, the school was built primarily out of brick in response to the burning of the previous school in 1919. Until 1979 it served grades 1 through 12 for Milton and the area.

Gradual loss of population in Milton and the neighboring town of Osnabrock meant the merger of the two schools in 1979, with elementary attending Osnabrock while junior and senior high grades going to Milton. Running the district with two towns was successful for awhile. Eventually the pattern repeated 22 years later when the combined district was absorbed into the Langdon Area schools and the schools in Milton and Osnabrock were closed. Gone were the days of the Milton-Osnabrock Mustangs.

Mountain, ND


A quick trip up to the Mountain, ND area uncovered this interesting farm house with an addition you don’t normally see: an entire tree leaning against the side over the roof.

Aneta, ND (part 2)


Aneta, ND (part 1)


Finley Air Force Station


Finley Air Force Station was a surveillance radar station located about 2 miles west of Finley, ND, operating from April 1951 until December 1979. It is currently owned by the City of Finley which is in the process of demolishing the buildings.


Harwood and Argusville, ND


One afternoon I drove from Fargo to Grand Forks along Old Highway 81. Lots of small towns and farms were there to catch my attention.

Mid-summer random pictures


A few pictures of random things I’ve taken recently, that don’t really fit in with other groups of pictures.